Drugs Policy Event

Next month, I will be hosting an event in Inverclyde to talk about drugs policy in Scotland.  The discussion will take place on Thursday 3rd November from 7pm in Gamble Halls, Gourock.

The event will see LEAP UK (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) hosting an evening of discussion on Scotland and Inverclyde’s drug strategies.

On the panel we have:

• Jim Duffy – Serving in the police for 32 years and retiring as a Police Inspector, Jim was the Chair of Strathclyde Police Federation, he is now a prominent member of LEAP UK.

• Jolene Crawford – Jolene is a member of Anyone’s Child, a group composed of bereaved family members who now work to reform drug laws from a unique and personal perspective.

• Stephen Malloy – As a board member for INPUD (International Network of People Who Use Drugs), Stephen represents the health and interests of those who consume drugs.

• Alex Nicol – Working as Service Manager at Moving On Inverclyde, Alex and his charity assist residents with potential addiction and the overlapping issues of drug dependency.


There is a substantial body of evidence coming from law enforcement experts that the current drug enforcement methods are not achieving their stated aim.

I wish to encourage any discussions that can constructively move towards a greater understanding of the problems and takes steps towards resolving them. 

Alex Nicol, Service Manager at Moving On Inverclyde said; 

“Moving On Inverclyde (MOI) has provided a locally based day-care support service since 2001 to Inverclyde residents seeking recovery from problematic substance use.  Many of our service users have experienced the criminal justice system in some form along the way. Consequently some of our service users progressing to education and employability have found this to be a potential barrier for career options.  

“In terms of national policy we do not advocate for any particular view but are aware of the genuinely held views of many on all sides of the debate and the challenges related to these views.

“A wise person once stated… “for every complex problem there’s a simple answer – and its wrong!” and at MOI we believe that of all the problems facing our society, the complex bio/psycho/social nature of addiction and the wider social fallout from it requires well thought solutions with emotionalism and subsequent knee-jerk reactions removed.

“Complex problems will generally require complex solutions and at MOI we believe that the way forward will be led with a genuinely seamless multi-agency approach supporting the desires, aspirations and safety of substance users at the heart, countered with the concerns of the wider community.  We believe that meaningful pilots should be developed with support of key stakeholders and evaluated to inform the way forward.”

To sign up to attend the event please visit – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reform-and-regulate-drugs-should-scotland-lead-tickets-28669970654