Tele Column – 16th September 2016

The Prime Minister has laid it on the line. She has stepped up to the mark and made it absolutely unequivocally clear, no ifs, no buts, no maybes. She couldn’t of made it clearer if she had written in forty foot high letters and planted them in the Lyle Hill. Brexit means Brexit. So I am glad we have cleared that up, because for a moment I thought it meant we had to negotiate with a lot of disgruntled politicians from foreign countries that are less than pleased with us. Just for an instant I thought that triggering article 50, an article that was never meant to be triggered and is not fit for purpose, was proving a tad more complicated than she expected and I was beginning to think that the combined legal expertise of the U.K. judicial system that specialise in European law were screaming this will not work. Incidentally £300,000 has been spent on legal expertise and so far all they have done is powder their wigs.
The Brexiteers have all gone to ground leaving the pro-EU Prime Minister to ride the stagecoach through hostile territory. Dr Liam Fox is picking a fight with UK businesses calling them fat and lazy. Boris Johnson has adopted a lower profile than Lord Lucan and Michael Gove seems to have launched himself into an after dinner speaking career rather than do his day job. Time to sit back and get the popcorn out,  this show is going to run and run. And what ever you do don’t mention Gibraltar.