Tele column – 2nd September

This was my last week of recess and much as I enjoy all aspects of my job, if I could spend all my time working in Inverclyde I would. The last six weeks have afforded me the opportunity to engage with companies, organisations and individuals on a daily basis and the feedback from them all is priceless in helping me to address the issues we have in Inverclyde. I have had the pleasure of engaging with banks, building societies, manufacturers and service providers but my personal highlight was planting a plum tree in the pouring rain at the Belville gardens. It’s a terrific project that combines gardening, self-sufficiency, back to work, community involvement and piles of good old fashioned common sense. Over the years I am sure this project will bear fruit (sorry).

I am looking forward to championing the Glow Gold campaign at Westminster, next week, as well as taking part in a debate on the fourth industrial revolution. It will be good to get back home at the end of the week as I intend to get to a range of the Inverclyde doors open events at the weekend. Top of my list is a tour of the wonderfully restored Wemyss Bay station and at the other end of the constituency the Quarriers village walking tour. I am not sure if the walking tour will be in the same vain as the one I enjoyed with a six foot prawn as part of the Beyond the Oak tour!