Organ donation

I welcome the news from the Scottish Government that the number of patients living in Scotland whose lives were saved or improved by an organ transplant increased by 9% last year to 415.

Following a slight dip in 2014/15, donor numbers in Scotland increased again to 99 in 2015/16. In addition, the number of living donors in Scotland increased by 4% to 84, accounting for almost half the total number of organ donors.

I’m heartened to learn that progress is being made on organ donation in Scotland and believe it’s important that more is done to ensure the number of people registered as organ donors increases.

Earlier this year, I encouraged residents in Inverclyde to sign up to the Organ Donor Register and I am again making that plea.  Join the NHS Organ Donor Register by visiting

At the end of March 2016 there were 542 patients waiting for a transplant in Scotland, with a further 284 temporarily suspended from transplant lists. 36 patients died while on the active waiting list for their transplant and a further 66 were removed from the transplant list.

Join the NHS Organ Donor Register by visiting

For more information on organ donation and joining the register, people can call 0300 123 2323.

Organ Donation Scotland is on Twitter and Facebook.

The Transplant Activity Report from NHSBT for 2015-16 can be found here.