Tele column – 19th August

Every four years the Olympic Games give us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a range of sports that otherwise we would pay little attention to. You don’t need to be a gymnast to be impressed by the sheer athleticism of the pummel horse or asymmetric bars. It’s impossible to watch the cycling in the velodrome and not be drawn into the drama of the Keirin or the Omnium. As we watch these athletes and competitors we should always keep in mind their commitment and dedication to achieving their goal and the sacrifice many make to pursue their dream but we should never forget the help and support afforded to them by their coaches, teammates and most often, family members and friends. Going for gold is not just about a few weeks every four years played out in public view, it’s the hard work, support and dedication that goes on behind the scenes every single day.

The same sort of support and dedication that many people provide, not for glory or recognition but because a loved one depends on them. Glow Gold is a group of parents whose families have been affected by childhood cancer and they are on a mission to get the world “Glowing Gold” to raise the profile of childhood cancer. When explaining the reasoning behind the campaign the parents say “without improved awareness and increased publicity, little will change in terms of early diagnosis, research, treatment or prognosis for our children”. Locally, Gillian Mowat, whose son Nathan is undergoing treatment for leukaemia is championing the Glow Gold campaign. Gillian wants to illuminate local buildings and get as many local people as possible engaged in promoting this cause. Along with Murray, Farrah, Bolt and Whitlock, Nathan is a champion, day in day out.

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