Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Government has continued to support some of the most vulnerable people in society, through the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Inverclyde received £853,899 of help, through the Scottish Welfare Fund, as a total budget for 2015/16.

According to the statistics, provided by the Scottish Government, as of 31st March 2016 Inverclyde had underspent its allocation by £55,409.

With no respite in the UK Government’s austerity agenda and continued cuts to the welfare system, the Scottish Government has allocated around £97.9 million, through the Scottish Welfare Fund, to help people cope in desperate situations.

As I previously indicated, in February 2016, Inverclyde Council underspent the Scottish Welfare Fund by approximately £170k in 2013/14 and £125k in 2014/15.  I hope the current allocation provided to Inverclyde Council will be fully utilised to support people in the area.