Gambling Commission report

A Gambling Commission report indicated there were 20.19m active customer accounts in the remote sector, across remote casino, bingo and betting operators. Within the same period, there were 19.88m new account registrations. Within these customer gambling accounts, £508.42m worth of funds was held by remote operators (GB only)[1].

The Gambling Commission report highlights the sheer scale of the industry, 20.19m active customer accounts in Great Britain, and the number of new account registrations serves to demonstrate that gambling continues to grow in this country.

Added to this, the vast number of betting accounts showcases the potential for a number of those accounts to be dormant.  With this being the case, I continue to believe this money could be utilised to support individuals and families affected by gambling related harm.

With the rise in people betting, I believe, it’s vital the industry ensures all avenues are taken to promote responsible gambling and assist those with gambling related harm.”

[1] Customers gambling on betting exchanges tend to maintain a significant balance in their account as they need to have sufficient funds to cover the liabilities of their bets, rather than just have sufficient funds to cover the stake of the bets they intend to make.