Trident renewal

Next week, I will vote against the renewal of the trident nuclear weapons system when the vote comes before the House of Commons on Monday 18th July.

I will attend a CND Stop Trident Parliamentary Lobby on Wednesday (13th July) and will also host a room in parliament for anti-trident campaigners to meet MP’s.

With the potential cost of renewing Trident increasing to over £200 billion, it’s clear this would be a wasteful and reckless spend on a weapons programme which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of parliamentarians in Scotland.

Jobs will be secured at HMNB Clyde by investment in a navy fit for purpose.  Spending money on WMD is not an investment in the future, it is an acknowledgment of past fears, instead of future hope.  Generations to come shall reap what we sow.

I will be voting against the renewal of trident in the House of Commons, next week.  The money going to be squandered on trident would be far better utilised in supporting our NHS and schools rather than building more weapons of mass destruction intend on wiping out the planet.