Arthritis Research UK

A new report from charity Arthritis Research UK, called ‘Working with arthritis’, looks at solutions to give people living in daily pain the support they need to find and stay in work.

The report shows that the national employment rate amongst people living with arthritis is a staggering 20% lower than the employment rate for people with no condition or disability.  Just 60% of working age people living with arthritis are currently in work across the UK.

This ‘arthritis work gap’ means that 600,000 people with arthritis are currently missing out on the opportunity to work, with arthritis remaining the biggest cause of workplace absence in the UK.  Arthritis can cause extreme pain, stiffness and fatigue that can make every day work tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and typing very difficult.

It’s clear how enormous the impact of conditions like arthritis is on our local communities. 10 million people are living with the pain of arthritis across the UK, including thousands in Inverclyde right now.

The ability to work is something that we often take for granted, but I’ve learnt today that for those living with arthritis this can be an incredibly difficult task. Undoubtedly many people with arthritis want to work, but do not always have the necessary support to be able to do so.

That’s why I’m delighted to welcome Arthritis Research UK’s ‘Working with arthritis’ report, putting this vital issue on the map. We must work together to ensure people with arthritis in Inverclyde who are able to work have the right support and employment opportunities.