Tele column – 8th July

It was the late Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson who said “a week is a long time in politics”. It must have been weeks like the last couple that he had in mind. The UK has voted to leave the EU. The leave campaign have revealed that they have no plan as to how we should exit the EU. Their main protagonists have taken a step back from their big plan and the Prime Minister has said he will not handle the exit negotiations. This is the political equivalent of “a big boy did it and ran away”. We now face a leadership contest, not just to be the leader of the Conservative party but to be Prime Minister of this now disunited kingdom. The chancellor was posted missing in the days immediately after the referendum, while the pound plummeted. And the Home Secretary decided not to come to the house to debate EU residency, having more important things to do. While the ins and outs fight for control of the Conservative Party the Labour Party have decided to shake it all about. No fewer than 21 people have resigned and where possible been replaced by shadow ministers. The musical chairs within the Labour Party only serves to obscure the shambolic hide and seek strategy of the Tories. Amidst these Westminster parlour games very serious issues are not being addressed. Many EU Residents and ex pats are concerned about their citizenship. Companies seek reassurance over their place in the wider European market place and the financial markets lack confidence. Government and indeed the opposition should be concentrating on the future of the U.K. and its citizens before concerning themselves with their self-serving political machinations.