Cancer Research UK

Earlier this week, I attended a Cancer Research UK event in Westminster to learn more about how lifestyle changes can reduce people’s risk of getting cancer.

I met with campaigners and nurses from the charity’s Cancer Awareness Roadshow, to find out more about their work on cancer prevention.  More than four in ten cancer cases in the UK could be prevented each year*, with smoking and obesity being the biggest avoidable causes of the disease.

But while the dangers of smoking are well known, many are unaware of the link between obesity and cancer.  This is particularly concerning when 65% of people in Scotland are currently overweight or obese.

We’ve come such a long way in the fight against cancer, it’s shocking to hear that so many cases in Inverclyde and across the region/country, could be prevented.

The numbers make it clear we need to act now to help people to make positive lifestyle changes, such as becoming more active and maintaining a healthy weight.

While there are no guarantees against the disease, I want to do everything I can to help my constituents, and their families stack the odds in their favour and lead long and healthy lives.