Westminster diary w/b 27th June

Westminster Diary Heading




Back in the old routine with the 7:25 flight.

Good to meet up with a few colleagues at the airport and share stories of the EU referendum. We are all heartened by the number of people who voted no in the Scottish referendum ‘to protect our EU status’ who are now voting yes.

My day in the chamber starts with questions to the minister for defence and for some reason he can’t tell me what the extra expenditure on the renewal of Trident will be now that the pound is plummeting. That is of course on top of the 205 billion pounds already estimated. I have a post referendum meeting with the First Minister which is informed, enlightening and intelligent which compares very favourably with the back stabbing and duplicity of the Conservative Party. While the Labour Party are akin to Hammer House of Horrors meets Carry on Westminster. The revolving door on the shadow cabinet room needed oiled half way through the day.


Ronnie Cowan MP with Keanue Reeves - 28th June 16As if yesterday wasn’t the strangest, today we have a shadow minister with no portfolio but still no shadow minister for Scotland. This may seem like crocodile tears but I genuinely feel for old Labour, the Blairites have destroyed a party that used to stand up for the under privileged and the weakest in our society, not now. My select committee for the constitution has a closed door session. Six Tories, some leave some remain, four Labour, some leave some remain and me. I just got out the popcorn. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any stranger I bump into Keanu Reeves. Is it all just a glitch in the Matrix?

In the evening I went to a Speakers reception for Gibraltar. It was extremely interesting. I also spoke to representatives of the overseas territories including the Falkland Islands that didn’t get a vote in the EU referendum. Not happy campers. On the way home I stopped at a protest from ‘remain’ voters. Anna Soubry had the gall to tell them that Churchill, the common market and the EU had kept peace in Europe since the Second World War. That’s strange, she told me it was Trident that had achieved that. Different song for different audience?


Starts with a Westminster hall debate on the abhorrent practice of dog fighting. It was roundly denounced and we shall look to take this forward and make prosecution easier and more meaningful. Prime Ministers Questions were largely subdued and only came to life when the Prime Minister shouted at the leave of the opposition to leave like an angry child in a playground.

It was good to catch up with the women from the WASPI campaign again. They have the determination and leadership to see this campaign through to a satisfactory resolution. I hope as many MPs as possible have the inclination and energy to continue to support them.


I spoke in the commons debate on the closure of bank branches. It was interesting to hear stories from across the UK of many constituencies losing the last branch in the town despite reassurances. A common theme was the lack of consultation with local stakeholders prior to the announced closures. Meantime the confusion continue with rumours of the Labour whips set to resign. Political geeks are having a field day as we enter uncharted waters.


On Friday morning I co-hosted an event, at the Beacon Arts Centre, with CVS Inverclyde. The event was an opportunity for charities, community groups and organisations to learn from the Big Lottery Fund Scotland about what funding they can provide.

Later, I met with CalMac to discuss the ferry route and finished off by visiting BPI.


On Saturday morning I attended and supported the nationwide drive between Trussell Trust foodbanks and Tesco to raise public attention for those in desperate need of food support.