Tele Column – 24th June 2016

As soon as I was elected I said that I wanted to work with anyone who wanted to work for Inverclyde. I have not changed my view one bit. The tragic slaying of Jo Cox has served to remind us of her statement that, “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” And yet the games continue. With council elections on the horizon, already the keyboard cowards are out in force. They bicker and complain, their negativity is designed to niggle and annoy, their motive is self not selfless, and it’s I, not we. I genuinely hope that the death of Jo Cox can result in cross party common ground but I seriously doubt it. Not while social media and gutter press fan the flames of outrage and indignation at every opportunity.

The P1 powerboats ‘Grand Prix of the Sea’ came to town last weekend. It was very well received and hopefully can become an annual fixture. The organisers were full of praise for the location and the Esplanade looked magnificent in the TV coverage. Inverclyde fared very well over the course of the two days.

I recently visited the Merino Care Home and Bellaire House as part of national care home day. Both locations provide a haven for the elderly and it was heart-warming to see such caring and compassion in our community. The entertainment was provided by the youngsters from Whinhill primary and the not so youngsters from the Cedar School of Excellence. It was great to hear young and old in perfect harmony while belting out “Ye canny shove yer grannie aff a bus”. Not politically correct but great fun.