Opportunity for School visits to Parliament

I would like to highlight the opportunity for schools in Inverclyde to visit the Westminster parliament.

Places are now available for school visits to Parliament, between September and December 2016. Visits are free of charge for all schools and open to students aged 5 to 18. There is a Transport Subsidy to support the costs of visiting.

In my short time as Member of Parliament for Inverclyde, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a number of schools both at Westminster and here in Inverclyde. I am always struck by the real interest the pupils show in politics/modern studies and their enthusiasm to learn.

Therefore, I hope to welcome more Inverclyde schools to Westminster in the near future and look forward to the pupils questions and thoughts.

Schools can also find out more by contacting the Education Service on 020 7219 4496, emailing education@parliament.uk or via the website: www.parliament.uk/education.