MP Questions Trident Renewal Costs

On Wednesday the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) reported the cost of renewing trident has now breached the £200 billion mark.

I was shocked to learn the exorbitant cost of renewing these weapons of mass destruction.

Nevertheless, the UK Government is determined to proceed with the project – even with this new extraordinary price tag – and plans to dump the nuclear arsenal on the Clyde for the next 50 years despite opposition from the Scottish Government, 57 of Scotland’s 59 MPS, churches, trades unions and civic society.

These figures are just staggering – and if even remotely accurate show the whole project is out of control.

The renewal of Trident has always been utterly indefensible – and these costs only serve to highlight the sheer folly of the UK Government’s decision to go ahead with the renewal. The money would be better spent on supporting the National Health Service, childcare and education.