One Year at Westminster

Link to my Year in Review document – Ronnie Cowan MP – Year in Review

It’s been one year since the Scottish National Party’s landslide victory in Scotland at the 2015 General Election SNP.

Marking the strong impact made and achievements secured by the party’s MPs since they arrived at Westminster a year ago this week, Westminster leader Angus Robertson MP, has pledged that the SNP will continue to be a force for equality, social justice, and progressive change – standing up for Scotland and standing by people across the UK against damaging Tory policies.

During my first year as constituency MP for Inverclyde, I have spoken in a number of parliamentary debates, such as trident, broadband, Syrian refugees, TTIP and House of Lords reform. Alongside this, I lodged a number of Early Day Motion’s and written questions. The constituency office has been contacted by 1,335 individuals and organisations regarding 1,922 cases, as of 9th May 2016.

One year ago people across Inverclyde voted for the SNP and put their trust in me to stand up for Inverclyde at Westminster, to stand by our friends across the UK against Tory austerity, and to be a strong force for equality, social justice and progressive change.

We have kept our word and delivered – making a lasting impact and providing the only consistent and effective opposition to the damaging policies of this arrogant Tory government.

It was the SNP that provided the clear and unified opposition to the UK government’s ill-judged decision to bomb Syria, and that put pressure on David Cameron to provide details of UK forces in Libya. Alongside this, it was the pressure of the SNP group that forced the Prime Minister to back-track on the UK accepting 3,000 child refugees.

Locally, it continues to be a privilege to represent Inverclyde and take forward cases and issued on behalf of constituents. I’ve met with many different businesses, charities, community councils and others in my short time as MP.

I look forward to continuing in the role as a Member of Parliament and championing Inverclyde at every opportunity.

This week is the first anniversary of the SNP’s overwhelming victory in Scotland at the 2015 General Election and the arrival of the SNP’s new group of MPs at Westminster:

While Labour have supported, opposed and abstained on Tory austerity, SNP MPs have been consistently opposed:

While Labour have supported, opposed and abstained on Tory welfare cuts, SNP MPs have been consistently opposed: