Tele Column – 29th April 2016

I mentioned on social media that I was encouraging the residents of Kilmacolm to register their interest in Virgin Media’s broadband. Not because I prefer it over other suppliers but because if we, as a community, can encourage Virgin Media to install their infrastructure then individual householders and businesses can benefit. It also gives the council the possibility to provide public wifi. I was challenged by a constituent who told me that there were more important issues that I should be spending my time on.

The following day I was voting to offer a safe harbour to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees. The motion was shamelessly voted down by the Conservatives. Incidentally, the very same Conservatives that, the following evening, attended a reception for Save the Children and were happy to pose for photos. But those two examples typify the diversity of issues that MPs are involved in. Not every issue is a matter of life and death but every issue contains opportunities to help either the people of Inverclyde or the wider community in some capacity. And while we are talking about the Inverclyde community I would commend the local movement that are encouraging woman to consider the role that councillors play and it would, in my opinion, be beneficial if we had more woman councillors.

Finally, it was great to see Morton get behind the “Glow Gold” project last Saturday. The project is aiming to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Nathan Mowat who, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, was one of the mascots for the game against Hibs and the fans held up gold cards. Another wonderful community spirited act. September is child cancer awareness month and Nathan’s family are encouraging everybody to go gold. As part of the campaign some local buildings will be illuminated with gold lights. I hope we can all get behind such a deserving cause come September.