World Autism Awareness Week Debate

Today [28/04/16] I delivered a speech to parliament highlighting World Autism Awareness Week, you can watch that here. The week events, which took place earlier this month, were an opportunity to tell people who don’t know much about autism how it affects individuals and families.

During the speech I referenced constituents who live in Inverclyde and the support they receive but also the challenges they face. REACH for Autism provide much needed support, services & opportunities for children, adults and families living with autism. I was extremely happy and privileged to be asked to speak during the World Autism Awareness Week debate.

It was important to me to raise awareness of the incredible work that REACH for Autism is doing in Inverclyde and the wonderful services that they provide. I know that I am the better for my increased knowledge of the subject.

All people, including those with autism deserve the chance to meet their full potential – and by increasing awareness we can take important steps towards becoming a more autism-friendly society.

Autism speech (3).PNG