UK Government Reject 3,000 Child Refugees

Last night the Conservative Government committed a shameful and inhumane act of political cowardice after rejecting calls to accept unaccompanied child refugees. The Tories voted down an amendment to the Immigration Bill that would have required the UK to accept at least 3000 child refugees. The amendment was defeated by 294 votes to 276.

The UK Government has so far failed to make any clear or firm commitment to resettle its fair share of these vulnerable children. This is more evidence of the Conservative Government showing a complete lack of compassion by refusing to give shelter to children fleeing a war zone.

As a result of this inhumane act thousands of child refugees continue to struggle alone and at risk of trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse – with an estimated 10,000 children disappearing in Europe in 2015 alone, including those that have died trying to get to the UK.

We need to do our bit to protect these children, who are in desperate situations that we would never allow for our own families. These are children that have lost everything, and now need our help and sanctuary.

Photo by Bengin Ahmad