Cable my Street

Virgin Media is currently running an incentive encouraging people to register their interest in new superfast broadband. If enough people register in a certain region then they will make sure to cable their street within the next 12 months. The top ten areas with the most people registered will benefit.

Currently Kilmacolm is slipping from number 10 to number 11 in the list and so I want to draw people’s attention to this incentive in the hope that we can get enough people registered to have this area included in the scheme.Getting project lightening installed in Kilmacolm in the next 12 months would be a huge boost for the area.

Having this hybrid fibre and coaxial cable installed could see speeds of up to 200Mbps benefiting homes and businesses within the area. The council would also have the option to provide public Wi-Fi in the streets.

Kilmacolm winning this bid will benefit everyone as it gives us the opportunity to daisy chain the service to Port Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock and then Inverkip and Wemyss Bay. You can register here –

Picture from Sean MacEntee