More Support Needed for Those Affected by Contaminated Blood

I participated in demonstrations earlier this week calling for more support for those who have been affected by contaminated blood. The demonstration took place yesterday whilst a backbench debate took place in the Chamber.

Over 6,000 people contracted HIV or hepatitis C from infected blood products used by the NHS up until 1991. More than 2,000 have so far lost their lives. There is currently a UK Government Consultation underway looking at how the system of support for victims can be reformed. Those affected have made their anger clear this week after it was announced that patients in Scotland would receive part of a £20m handout over the next three years.

There must be a proper support package to ensure that those affected and their families are protected. Their needs must be at the center of any decision made. The government consultation must do everything it can to right this historical wrong. Those affected should not be worse off and shouldn’t have to rely on charitable funds.