Broadband Event at Westminster

I will be attending an event at Westminster next month on broadband availability and speeds. The event, led by Ofcom, which showcase a new one-stop Mobile and Broadband Checker which allows people and businesses to check the quality and coverage of mobile and broadband services by postcode. This forms part of our wider commitment to provide more granular availability information to consumers.

The tool uses coverage, availability and speeds data, collected directly by Ofcom from major communications providers. Simply by entering a postcode, users can check mobile coverage, the availability of superfast broadband and average download speeds – all in one place. The tool is available here:

The issue of broadband availability and speeds is one that is frequently raised with my office by constituents. Whether it be Gourock or Inverkip, it appears the broadband speeds are severely lacking and causing much frustration for households.

I continue to raise the matter with the relevant authorities and will do so next month at the event being held in Parliament by Ofcom. It’s time households were offered better broadband availability and speeds.

I would encourage Inverclyde residents to check out the Ofcom tool to see what the availability of superfast broadband and average download speeds are in their area.

Picture from Sean MacEntee