Basic Income at Spring Conference

This weekend is the SNP’s National Spring Conference in Glasgow, there will be many motions discussed but one in particular, on a Basic Income, has caught my attention. This is something I have been looking into myself although it has been brought forward by the Cumbernauld Branch.

I believe our welfare system is broken. It often fails those that rely on it most and it can be abused by those that would line their own pockets. We can’t continue to modify it. It needs redesigned from scratch.

As someone that believes in an independent Scotland I want the people of Scotland to define and design what that country should be. A citizen’s income is a logical policy to pursue. And the alternative is to say that we think what we have is perfect, or fixable.

Or maybe most worryingly we are prepared to settle for what we have got because we can’t find it within ourselves to strive for anything better. There are plenty of folk that will say “Citizen’s income, others have tried, it didn’t work”. We cannot walk away from challenges just because they are difficult. I refuse to believe that we do not have the wherewithal to design a Citizen’s Income.

In my independent country we will design better taxation, better land policy, better defence strategy and better welfare. A citizen’s income is a perfect example where we can work up a model to show how we can spend those taxes we are keen to raise, in a responsible, fair and compassionate manner. It can be the flag ship policy for a socially just independent country.