A Greenock Charrette!

From Wednesday 2nd of March to Friday 4th March there will be an inclusive consultation taking place for Greenock’s town centre. All Greenock residents have been invited to participate, there will be planning workshops which will engage local people in the design process for the community. And the final exhibition will take place in the Oak Mall on Saturday 5th of March and a report-back session in the saloon at Greenock Town Hall on the 10th of March.

This is a welcomed opportunity allowing residents and traders of Greenock to participate in the planning of their town centre. Being able to contribute and participate in the planning of your town centre is a positive thing. It is essential we get as many different points of view together to ensure that Greenock’s town centre is truly representative of the Greenockians living here.

This consultation could act as a feasible way of establishing our community’s priorities, build on existing facilities and services and improve access throughout. Let’s think about what we want our community to look like and then roll up our sleeves and get involved with making that happen.