Westminster Diary 6 February

I spent my Monday in Inverclyde, I was scheduled to speak on the WASPI debate in Westminster Hall however I cancelled that to stay in Inverclyde and attend meetings regarding the situation at Texas Instruments. The WASPI meeting was very well attended and no doubt got more media coverage but my constituency comes first. You can see the WASPI speech I would have delivered on my website.

Tuesday got off to a bad start when my flight was delayed but it is remarkable how much paperwork can be done in the departure lounge at Glasgow airport. My select committee took evidence form Lord Steel and Lord Forsyth regarding the constitution. Unelected Lords lecturing us on a democratic constitution and the irony is completely lost on them. I cast my ballot in the delayed Pensions Vote and voted against the Enterprise Bill while Labour abstained again. I popped into the chamber for a listen to the Zika virus debate and then attended meetings on the Scottish constitution and the EU referendum. In the evening we had our usual SNP group meeting and after that I visited a reception hosted by the BBC and ITV for the Six Nation’s rugby tournament.

I had an early start on Wednesday to do my own research for a couple of hours before attending an OFCOM briefing before heading to the Chamber for Prime Minister’s Questions. Cameron was on his feet for a few hours trying to convince people to stay in the EU before the following opposition day debate where Labour and their one Scottish MP discussed Public Finances in Scotland.

On Thursday my select committee presented our report on Kids Company to the House. The collapse of Kids Co after £43 million pounds of tax payers money required more investigation and I hope to persuade the committee to continue on is path. Too many vulnerable people have been let down and we must ensure this never happens again. I spoke in a Westminster Hall debate regarding stopping male violence against woman. It helped to promote the white ribbon campaign and I hope to do more with them in the future. The a quick dash to the airport home.

Back in the Inverclyde office on Friday I met with Serco to discuss their bid for the Clyde and Hebrides contract, then back to my office for meetings with constituents. I met with the property management firm that own Valleypark before a briefing meeting with the council on the annual budget. Once done I drove to Wemyss Bay for constituent surgeries and then finished off the day in my office to plan next week’s diary with my team and write an article for the Herald.