The Role of Men in Tackling Violence Against Women

This week [Thu 4th Feb] I spoke in the Westminster Hall debate on the role of men in tackling violence against women. This debate takes place during a week of outcry across the UK following comments made by a pro-rape blogger.

As a society we have made a lot of progress on this issue but still too many women are living in violent relationships and comments made by pro-rapist, Roosh V, highlights the long journey that we have still got to travel to end the violence women face on a daily basis.

Men are in a unique position to speak out and step in when male friends or relatives insult, abuse or attack women. By doing so we can create a culture of zero tolerance for those that think domestic abuse can ever be justified.

It’s encouraging that a growing number of men are finding their voice on this issue – with effective action we can permanently change attitudes and ensure that violence against women is consigned to the past forever.