WEvolution Visit

Last week I got to drop in on WEvolution and see all the incredible projects their groups are working on. WEvolution brings people together into small Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs), the first of their kind in Scotland. WEvolution have created a space for small groups to come together and interact with artists to make creative products that can be sold. These products are sold on their website, via Facebook and in their shop in Glasgow.

The SRGs are made up of 5 to 10 men and women who work together to create income-generating opportunities for themselves. These groups develop strong bonds of trust and friendship where participants can learn skills and support each other

Underpinning all of WEvolution’s work you can see how much value they place in people. They are working together resourcefully, empowering each other and inspiring change. They promote a way of working alongside communities that is based on trust, self-governance and collective endeavour towards entrepreneurship.

The groups are helping people challenge the systems that limit their potential whilst creating opportunities for themselves and in the long term, for their families and their communities.