Texas Instruments

Having spoken to the Managing Director of Texas Instruments and also their representatives from America, yesterday, I agreed to respect their wishes and not pass comment until they had briefed all their staff on the employment situation. Texas Instrument has been part of Inverclyde for years and I was saddened to learn the news yesterday that they plan to move operations elsewhere.

I have since been in-touch with the Deputy First Minister and representatives of Texas Instruments to ensure that everything will be done to support the workforce.

I hope all interested parties can now work together to find a positive outcome and I will be offering my assistance to achieve the best for the workers and Inverclyde.

Over the next few days it will become clear what is happening, speculation and grand gestures at this stage do not help anyone. Having been made redundant myself once I am firm in my belief that the employees need the facts and the time to consider their situation. When I can help I shall be at their disposal.

Above all we must look into the future options for this plant to allow this workforce and manufacturing to stay in Inverclyde.