Scrap The Rape Clause

I would urge as many people as possible to visit and add your voice to the many others calling upon the Government to drop this appalling proposal.

The UK Government’s current proposals would require a woman, who has a third child as a result of rape, to justify her position in order to avoid losing tax credits. The plan to restrict child tax credits to just two children for new claimants is due to commence in 2017 and is part of the Conservatives wider austerity agenda.

I am calling on everyone in Inverclyde to sign this House of Commons petition and put pressure on the Government to drop the appalling plans which are tantamount to social engineering. The SNP first identified the issue in July 2015 when the clause was buried in page of 88 of the Chancellor’s summer budget.

This proposal has no place in the twenty-first century and must be dropped immediately. To put a woman who has been raped in a position where she needs to declare that to a government official is just abhorrent. It also stigmatises the child involved, which is surely against the UN convention on the rights of the child.