Robert Wallace: Early Day Motion

Yesterday [11th Jan] I lodged an Early Day Motion to raise awareness of a local man who changed the face of the Royal Mail. Robert Wallace from Greenock, Inverclyde, was chairman of the committee that examined the penny postage scheme put forward in 1837. It was Wallace’s casting vote that ensured the ideas, including prepayment of postage costs via letter sheets or adhesive stamps, were put forward to parliament and shaped the postal service we know today.

The British Postal Museum Archive is creating an online gallery of 500 objects to celebrate 500 years of the Royal Mail which includes references to Robert Wallace.

I am happy Robert Wallace is getting the recognition that he deserves as he was an integral part of the success of the Royal Mail. Wallace campaigned for cheap postage, reduction of corruption and a more accessible service for people across the UK and Ireland, something that we all benefit from today.

At the end of last year I visited our local Royal Mail and was amazed at the operation that they carry out on a daily basis. I would like to congratulate the Royal Mail staff, past and present, as they mark 500 years of operation and wish them a very successful 500 more.

Picture from Royal Mail Archive