Starter Packs Inverclyde

Yesterday I got to visit the local charity Starter Packs Inverclyde. Starter Packs was set up as a direct response to the problems faced by homeless people who are offered a tenancy but lack of sufficient funds to purchase the many small household items needed to set up and maintain a home.

Things like kitchen ware, bedding and cleaning products will make a world of difference for homeless people moving into their first tenancy. Getting a home is the first step towards stability and Starter Packs are there to make that transition much easier.

I can see the amazing work that they do within the community, the Christmas cards hanging on the wall was testament to the people that they have helped. It is nice to see the community coming together to help and support those who are in need especially at this time of year.

You can find out a bit more about Starter Packs Inverclyde here.