Re: Military Action in Syria

Dear Constituent,

Re: Military action in Syria

The decision as to whether the UK should join the current military operations in Syria and engage in a bombing campaign has been widely debated and strong opinions both for and against have been expressed.

I have received a great deal of correspondence on this matter and I have engaged with a wide spectrum of society to hear their views. I have also listened to the Prime Minister’s statement and asked him a question in the House of Commons regarding lessons learned from previous such campaigns.

The situation in Syria and the surrounding area is complicated and volatile. There is no easy answer. Whatever decision is taken it must not be taken lightly. The consequences both in the short and long term, for the Middle East and to a large extent here in the UK, must be fully evaluated before any action is taken.

I have concluded that previous such campaigns have not achieved their stated objectives and that the proposed action would persecute the innocent and potentially radicalise another generation of young men and woman.

For too long many countries have used the Middle East as a battle ground. At some point we need to stop. We should be investigating ways of working to establish peace, helping to rebuild roads, buildings and bridges, both metaphorical and physical. But our lack of courage stops us from having faith in humankind.

Bombing does not bring sustainable peace it brings death and destruction, misery and anger and ultimately retribution.

For these reasons I will be voting against the proposed bombing campaign in Syria.

Yours sincerely,

Ronnie Cowan MP
Member of Parliament for Inverclyde


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