CMAL Visit

Today I was invited to the CMAL offices, by their CEO Tom Docherty, to see what they have been doing in Inverclyde and what their plans for the future are. CMAL covers vessels and ports in many locations throughout Scotland from Arran to Stornoway.

They have brought two brand new ship building contracts worth £97 million to the Inverclyde shipyards recently and one ship, Catriona – a hybrid vessel, just finishing completion due to be launched on the Clyde on the 11th of December.

As well as building new ships I heard about the infrastructure investment work that they are currently carrying out at the Wemyss Bay terminal to improve durability and make sure the larger capacity ships have access.

With improved access to their ships through the introduction of the Road Equivalent Tariff and all pensioners traveling for a reduced rate CMAL, with their strong team in Inverclyde, are confident they can meet the demand placed on them.