The Trade Union Bill: An Assault on Working People!

Yesterday I was pleased to vote with my SNP colleagues against the Trade Union Bill as it had its Report and Third Stages debated in the House of Commons. All amendments put forward by the opposition were rejected.

The Bill itself is a complete assault on the working people of the UK. If the government was, as it claims to be, interested in modernising and boosting union democracy they would have allowed the use of secure online and workplace ballots, which would undoubtedly increase democratic participation. By voting down this amendment the government exposed its true agenda; to clamp down on effective and legitimate action.

The Bill threatens the basic right to strike whilst allowing employers to bring in agency workers. These measures completely undermine any purposeful strike action.

By introducing tighter restrictions on union peaceful pickets and protests the Bill undermines the civil liberties of ordinary working people.

What’s more is I cannot see any real problem that this Bill seeks to solve. The Government are pushing this without any real reason and with no substantial employer support.