The Failure of The Scotland Bill

Last night we saw Labour link arms with the Tories allowing the Conservative Government to pursue their austerity agenda to the detriment of the Scottish people.

It was the last chance for the Government to bring the Scotland Bill closer to the recommendations laid out in the Smith Commission but they have failed. Despite the SNP putting forward several amendments whether it was to devolve tax credits, equality or gender quotas, every single one was voted down.

The Government has completely failed to deliver the recommendations set out in the Smith Commission by failing to devolve full responsibility of the Crown Estate and failing to put the Sewel Convention on a statutory footing.

As if they couldn’t make things worse David Mundell confirmed that there is no guarantee that any top ups provided by an SNP Government would be counted as income and taken back by the Tories through tax.

Lastly, the unionist parties didn’t even care enough to turn up to the debate, instead only turning up in their droves to vote. The first photo is myself and SNP colleagues in the chamber debating the Scotland Bill, the second is voting on it.