Questioning the Leader of the House on EVEL Plans

Today I heard the Shadow Deputy of the House say that EVEL changes were more of a slogan than a policy, as well as Chris Grayling, the Leader of the House, assuring the Select Committee that there will be very few England Only Bills. It really makes me question; what is the point?

The Tories are intent on making these changes to the Standing Orders, but I am yet to hear a viable reason. The constitutional and legal challenges that the house will face in the wake of EVEL are certainly not justified.

I further concerned that Mr Bryant suggested that Scottish MP’s would have to rely on English generosity rather than the Barnett Formula if the house decided to pursue the case for an English Parliament, something that the SNP wholeheartedly supports.

Nonetheless I will continue to argue against any proposal that decreases Scotland’s voice in the UK Parliament.