Tele column – 30th Oct 15

Thursday the 22nd of October is a day that will go down in history as the day that all of Scotland’s MPs were denied the right to fully represent their constituents in the UK Parliament. A change in the standing orders forced through by the Conservative and Unionist government hell bent on putting Scotland back in its box.  This is not, as reported, the Tory Westminster government’s reaction to the SNP groups stated intention to vote on fox hunting, David Cameron announced his policy on English votes for English Laws the day after the referendum. Prior to that we had been told that without Scotland’s voice the UK would be greatly diminished.  I find it impossible to square that view with subsequent actions. This is a spiteful misuse of privilege and power, nothing less.

And while we are talking about EVEL, the latest estimated cost of renewing the UK nuclear missile system is now £167 billion pounds. For years, I have consistently spoken out against Trident and any plans to renew it. I have never been alone in my views, but now, interestingly, there is an increasingly loud voice from within the armed forces who are saying that’s any money spent should be spent on improving conventional technology and supplies. I will take that one stage further. How about we support our veterans in the manner they deserve? As we move towards Armistice Day, many veterans from the UK armed forces are relying on charity, some are sleeping rough. Personally, I would rather we spend money supporting them.

During the referendum campaign the NO camp, loudly and repeatedly, claimed that we were a family of nations, that Scotland should lead from within and that Trident was required and indeed mandatory.  I wonder what they are saying about these issues now?