Tele column – 2nd Oct 15

Thanks to councillor Jim Clocherty for championing the commemorative sculpture dedicated to the memory of the eight people killed in Greenock during the 1820 uprising which was unveiled on Bank Street recently. It combines along with the inscriptions on the nearby wall to make a very nice installation. It also serves to remind us that 200 years later we still have working poor and while the rich get richer the poor are left behind. All politicians should be working together to address this most important issue.

Catalonia held a referendum on its independence from Spain. They voted for independence. What ever happens now the people of Catalonia must be allowed to decide what is best for them, without any outside interference.

John McDonnell (Labours shadow chancellor) has instructed the lost Labour voters to “Come home to Labour”, the problem is, since the electorate left Labour in their droves, their home has changed so much that they can’t recognise it as their own any more. The Scottish electorate is too well informed now and will not get back in the box. If the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is serious about winning back the trust of the people of Scotland, he should start by joining with the SNP to devolve employment rights to the Scottish Parliament so that workers’ rights in Scotland are protected from the Tories.

Despite a few last minute hitches the new permanent parliamentary office should be open at 20 Crawfurd Street by the end of next week. I am delighted that the walls will be adorned with a beautiful picture called Clydeside by the wonderful Scottish artist Gerard M Burns. Hopefully with the continued investment and good governance Clydeside will be a term recognised not just in this area but, once again, around the world.