Hiroshima Remembered

Hiroshima is a city built around 7 rivers. In 1945 it had a population of 350,000 people.

It was the first target for an atomic bomb. Exploded at just over 1,000 feet above the city for maximum effect. Over the course of time up to 180,000 people died and 13 square kilometres of the city were destroyed.

A further bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki three days later and killed between 50,000 and 100,000 people.

The reality of the death and destruction which was unleashed on the men, woman and children of Hiroshima and subsequently Nagasaki should have been enough to convince any rational person that there is no place for these weapons on this planet.

Unfortunately too often the atrocities wreaked upon others remains abstract unless it is witnessed first-hand.

People would do well to listen to the personal account of Madam Kajimoto, who, as a 14 year old did witness the bombing of Hiroshima and lived to tell the tale.

Her younger brother was less fortunate. He had an arm blown off and later died of his wounds.

When she recounts the death and destruction saying

“our hair fell out, our gums bled and my friends died, vomiting blood.”

People should listen.

After the detonation of the bomb over Hiroshima all 7 rivers were filled with dead bodies for months.

We must remember and we must learn from this terrible waste of the most precious thing,

The waste of human life.