Tele Column – 24th July 15

In the first session of parliament the SNP have become the unofficial official opposition. We have fought and voted against Tory policies on welfare and the Scotland bill.

At first glance that doesn’t look like much but we could have done a whole lot more if the official opposition (Labour) had seen fit to fight alongside us. Such is life in Westminster. The struggle continues.

The chancellor delivered a cruel and savage budget. I expected it to be bad but was not prepared for the brutality of it. Having to sit there and listen to Conservative MPs cheering sickened me to the pit of my stomach. I walked out.

Before my time at Westminster the house voted not to bomb Syria, but it is now clear that military personnel from the UK have been active in this area. This is a disgrace and affront to the principles of democracy that we are all supposed to hold in such high esteem.  This Conservative government does not have a mandate to disregard the will of the electorate or the process of the house.  And on that note we have now waited six years for the Chilcot report into the Iraq war. What is it they don’t want us to know or who is it they are protecting?

Summer recess allows me to spend more time working in Inverclyde. During this time I shall be meeting with the council and local businesses but my main focus will be on talking to as many people as I can, listening to as many people as possible and staying close to the community that elected me.

I had hoped to take a holiday during this period but it is looking more likely to be September before that can happen. Millport will have to wait.