Tele Column – 12th June 15

It has been one of the great pleasures of my job so far to be invited to so many varied events across Inverclyde. Unfortunately, currently I am tied to Westminster for 4 days a week and therefore I have had to decline many of these offers. So I was particularly pleased to have managed to take part in a sponsored walk last Saturday, even if it was pouring. My thanks to Stephen and Sean for their company. We were raising money for Megan’s voice. Megan has a very rare genetic disorder – CDKL5 and will benefit greatly from the purchase of a device called a Tobii Eye Gaze. You can donate via GOFUNDME.COM

On Sunday I attended the Inverclyde Alzheimer Services “Tea and Blether”. This event came at the end of a week of events designed to raise awareness of dementia related illness. The events have been a tremendous success and have enjoyed extremely good engagement with the folk of Inverclyde. All credit is due to the team of workers and volunteers that support such a magnificent cause so ably and with such commitment. Follow them on twitter @alzscot .

Last Monday  the Scotland bill got its second reading.  Along with a host of independent organisations that range from the Law Society of Scotland to CarersUK the conclusion is that it does not go nearly far enough in devolving the required powers to the Scottish government. As this goes to press we are expecting four days of debate in the commons. I expect to hear nothing but excuses as to why promises are being broken and the waters muddied. I hope I am proven wrong.

My biggest disappointment last week has to be when the SNP tabled an amendment which opposed the austerity cuts and all the Labour MPs refused to vote with us and instead abstained.  I am afraid the voting pattern of Holyrood is being reflected at Westminster already. Still these are early days and I cling to the hope that sense will prevail and Labour will join us in trying to protect the most vulnerable in our society.